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MOBILEMONEY®is the largest provider of special event ATMs and temporary services for various, music venues, festivals, sporting events, and fairgrounds throughout the country. If you want to purchase an atm, they also cater to conviennce stores, supermarkets, and more.

Our goal was to redesign their outdated website and feature their services and allow for easy lead generation. Their custom branding of all their ATMs, superior and reliable customer service, and a vast array of services are what set them apart from the rest, and reflecting that visually within their site was a top priority.

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CASINOMONEY®, a division of MOBILEMONEY®, is your single-source provider of cash advance financial services for the gaming industry.

Our goal was to redesign their outdated website and feature their new proprietary technology, Casino ATMs are big business, and providing potential new customers detailed information on these specialized technologies was key.

The new site not only provides an easy to use navigation and seamless browsing, but allows customers to access their reports online, when you are in the ATM business it is key to have real time reports available 24/7.

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California Valley Solar Ranch

This is a newly established public information Web site for one of California’s largest solar fields, capable of producing enough power to run almost 100,000 homes.

The goal was to produce easy to access information on all aspects of the planned project from environmental impact reviews, to location and layout of the solar ranch.

SunPower is committed to working with area residents, landowners, community members, staff, elected officials, resource agencies, and others to obtain approval for the California Valley Solar Ranch.

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Wet Stone Wine Bar

An up and coming San Diego Wine Bar, Wet Stone had no web presence aside from Facebook and online reviews.

We designed a simple website to help with marketing efforts and establish an online presence. Aside from standard menu, hours, and location we’ve set-up dynamic contact forms for event inquiries and connected them with their social media accounts.

Phase 2 will be working on getting them ranked naturally for keywords in the target area as well as developing additional content to help promote the uniqueness of the restaurant and owner.

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Exponents - An Insta Worldwide Group Company.

A new aquistion for the  Insta Worldwide group, Exponents needed a fresh look and feel to incorporate several new product lines and to connect it to its new parent company with a similar look and feel.

Previously Exponents had 3 separate websites, general consumer facing, private dealer login, and a consumer rentals site. Phase 1 for us was to combine the 2 consumer based sites into a single site and temporality link to the dealer login where eventually that would be tied in as well.

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San Diego Choice Real Estate

When a client asked us to come up with a concept for his start-up brokerage company we were all over it. We thought simplicity and elegance was the perfect fit.

We created a custom logo and designed a simple, but elegant site which makes it easy for his clients to find exactly what they need in no time. A custom PHP backend system which pulls in MLS results and formats them in a meaningful layout was created as well.

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